Diamonds are graded by color, starting at D and moving through the alphabet to Z. Most diamonds appear white, but virtually all display barely perceptible tints of color. Evaluating a diamond's color for grading purposes is done by measuring the degree to which a diamond approaches colorlessness. Diamonds graded D, E and F are colorless and more expensive because they are more rare. However, well-cut diamonds with good clarity of all color grades can be equally dazzling, as it is the combination of all the 4 C's that determines each diamond's unique beauty.

Please review the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) color rating chart below:

D,E,F Colorless
G,H,I,J Near Colorless
K,L,M Faint Yellow
N,O,P,Q,R Very Light Yellow
Light Yellow

To learn more about the 4 C's, click on the respective link below:

Cut Color Clarity Carat Weight